Item B1499

Marvel Avengers Age of Ultron Captain America and Marvel's War Machine Figures with Blast Cycle

Ages: 4+

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$ 19.99

NZD $22.99
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Captain America can take on any enemy with his super-strength and Vibranium shield, but when he’s got War Machine as his wing man, it’s on! This pair of Avengers superhero figures look like Captain America and Marvel’s War Machine, and they’re both armed to battle Ultron’s evil schemes. But War Machine’s powerful Blast Cycle will give him the edge! It comes with a launcher you can attach to the cycle to blast him into action. It’s time to suit up for big-time combat with this dynamic duo and the Blast Cycle!

Includes 2 figures, vehicle and 2 accessories.

Avengers duo of figures comes with vehicle
Captain America figure has Vibranium shield
Marvel’s War Machine figure wears signature armor
Includes Blast Cycle with launcher

Action figure size: 2.5”

Ages 4 and up

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