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Marvel Ultimate Spider-Man Web Slingers Iron Spider with Arc Web Cycle

Ages: 4+

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$ 24.99

NZD $29.99
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Peter Parker is back in the animated series Ultimate Spider-Man: Web Warriors … and he's got company! Spider-Man is taking on villains with an entire team of web-slinging Super Heroes, including Iron Spider!
And now you can join the Web Warriors in web-launching action with Iron Spider and his Arc Web Cycle! This web-blasting vehicle includes an Iron Spider figure, 2 stretchy webs, and a target!
Send webs flying into action! Load a web onto the Arc Web Cycle, then pull back and launch it at the included Beetle target! Hone your web-slinging abilities and help Iron Spider defeat his enemies. Iron Spider uses his web-blasting powers to take on Super Villains and have fun, and now you can too. With Iron Spider and his Arc Web Cycle, it's time to get in the action!
When he needs to chase down a speeding villain, Iron Spider takes to the streets in his Arc Web Cycle. It's Iron Spider's ground vehicle, outfitted with an arm to launch webs and blast the bad guys. Pretend you're racing through the city streets with Iron Spider as you roll him into action! Then, when you spot a crime in progress, use the stretchy webs to save the day!
The included Iron Spider figure is ready for some racing and blasting action, but his enemy Beetle is bent on stopping him! Take out the included Beetle target by smashing him with the Arc Web Cycle or blasting him with webs! Iron Spider won't let anything stop him from protecting the city. Team up with Iron Spider and his Arc Web Cycle to take out Beetle!
Includes figure, vehicle, 2 webs, and target.
Launch webs from Iron Spider's Arc Web Cycle
Includes 2 stretchy webs to knock out the included target
Place Iron Spider onto the Arc Web Cycle and roll into action
Iron Spider style on figure and vehicle
Target includes image of villain
Ages 5 and up.
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